Our Programs

Our Philosophy

Dance is a vehicle for self-discovery, a powerful tool for communication, and creative self-expression. No one is turned away who seeks to learn. All families are asked to invest in keeping the tradition of raising our children and sustaining the work we do. Taking care of ourselves is a reflection of how we take care of each other. Dance is a physical activity. Well-fed and well-rested bodies become a lifestyle for a vibrant community.

Community Conservatory

We are in the community. We are the reflections of the faces in our community and we celebrate it through dance. We maintain the knowledge, discipline, and rigor of a traditional conservatory. A shared experience is a fundamental action for change that fosters our ability to create our own paradigm and unveils the full measure of who we are and what we aspire to become.

All our programs include:

  • Follows the Common Core Learning Standards
  • Pre-Professional Intensive Training
  • Wholesome development for self and communal well-being
  • Over 100 years of dance knowledge from faculty

Good people make great dancers.

Stretching for Life

Stretching for Life is our school year pre – professional dance education program for Hartford and Greater Hartford students ages 3 – 24.


After School Program (3 – 7PM)

Performance Opportunities

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Instruments of Culture (IOC)

Instruments of Culture is our 6-week summer pre – professional dance intensive for Hartford and Greater Hartford students ages 3 – 24.


Full Day Program (8 – 5PM)

Original Summer Ballet based off children literature

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Internships/Dance + Anthropology

Internships encourage for creative empowerment that expands the horizons of one’s point of view in how and where dance exists. It’s an opportunity for teens and young adults to ask themselves who they are and what is important to them and put value in all spaces.

Dance + Anthropology highlights how dance and dancers has helped shape history and culture through storytelling of times different from our own and advocates for a more just world.

Applications accepted on a rolling basis. 

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Stretch, Strength, Stamina (SSS)

When we dance, we feed our artistic and spiritual needs. We stretch to a full range of motion. Building strength is through repetitive movement and the practice of dance develops our stamina to absorb the day-to-day challenges that allows you to gain optimal physical fitness.

Each class is tailored to include every participant. This class is rooted in Modern (Spectrum) Dance Technique: REACH, SUSPEND, SPIRAL, FALL, SWING

Community Classes

Invest into being good to yourself in a place where all bodies are welcome. Our dance classes encourage the body and mind to have the ability to develop through training. We invite all levels of movers to benefit from the physical activity and artistic expression of dance. Adults 18+

For more information on programs and how to register, please email spectruminmotion@gmail.com