Congratulations to Olivia on her Polaris Award!

Olivia Ilano-Davis Congratulations on your much deserved reward! I remember watching your company and thinking to myself, WOW- what beautiful, meaningful movement and what a supportive group of people who came together to DANCE because of YOU. I loved watching the performances and seeing my sister Amaris Jones and all the other dancers David J Perez Tristan Roden-Drummond Masseo Davis, Rebecca, Corey, Amy, etc bring all that they had to the stage. They were like celebrities to me!!! A special shout out to Thulani Davis too- love you.

But it also wasn’t just about the dance- you gave students and children OPPORTUNITY to do something and be something better. Hartford has not always been the place for thriving arts, and when it was, many people of color were not treated fairly. YOU became the person who provided a SAFE space where artists were seen as valuable and equal. Thank you Ms Olivia!!!!

-Anna Noble