About Us

Spectrum in Motion is a gathering of people from all walks of life: those who danced professionally and have moved onto other things; students of dance; instructors of dance; those who supported dance; and those who never danced.

Spectrum in Motion was founded in 1982 in the Pioneer Valley/5 College Community of Western Massachusetts. Yet, for more than two decades the Company has made Hartford, CT its home.

​One thing that unites us all is the firm belief that dance should once again be a part of every day life.

Our Mission

Make Dances. Raise Dancers. Build Community.

Create a sustainable home to present dance and develop equitable access to dance education for emerging artists and future leaders.

Our Vision

Everybody should be dancing.

Be a place where every bodies, regardless of race, class, gender, age, ability, or experience level is welcomed to dance. 

Our Values

Dedicated to People of Color and the American Experience

KINDNESS: We begin class with reverence in a circle. Each one is first and together we have each other’s back.

COMMUNITY: Building upon generations of seekers in need of cultivation & nourishment for the best version of ourselves.

IMMERSION & INCLUSION: Honoring and celebrating traditions of dance by building bridges of solidarity through multicultural and multigenerational stories.

INNOVATION: Tailor-made bodies in a tailor-made world, dancing in all places.

EMERGENCE: Discovering the wealth and value of dance through self-awareness.

Our Goals

Invested into the children, young adults, and families of the Greater Hartford Region.

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Committed to the health and wellness of our community.

EDUCATION: Instill lifelong learning through dance

SAFETY & ACCESS: A safe place to freely discover oneself.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Build Integrated curriculum to engage participants in a multifaceted (scholastic/artistic) experience.